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This is a great time for you to pick up our new book – The Successful Lender’s Field Guide. This 170-page book, in both paperback and Kindle format, is the essential commercial lending practitioner's roadmap to running circles around your lending competition. The commercial lending environment is more competitive than ever, and the margin for error has never been smaller. While lenders are formally taught credit fundamentals, little information is provided that quantifies the structural drivers of loan performance – until now.


What You Will Learn


The Successful Lender’s Field Guide contains information not covered in formal training programs or banking schools. The book condenses 25+ years of lending experience down to hours and gives you the latest techniques on how to meet your loan goals every period. Learn how to better prospect, leverage digital advertising, email automation, inbound marketing and the art of selling a loan. Understand how and when to utilize structuring techniques from the top commercial lenders in the country plus learn how to build long-term value for both your bank and your borrowers.


This Field Guide coverage a wide range of cutting edge structuring, pricing, credit, management, sales and marketing topics that every bank lending officer needs to know.

There is so much more in the book that we had to create its own webpage HERE.


We have discounted price of $4.95 for the Kindle version and if you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber, the book is free. Go directly to Amazon HERE or type in “The Successful Lender’s Field Guide” to Amazon and buy your copy today!


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