Five Reasons To Come To Our BMC Conference

Bank Conference

Our 2014 Bank Management Conference is coming up on July 10 – 13, 2014, in Amelia Island, Florida and we will have detailed information coming soon.  We can tell you that you don’t want to miss it for 5 very important reasons:


5. Due diligence – You get to meet our whole team in person and see what we are about. This is just good risk management – forget the fact that it just happens to be on the beach at one of the best hotel’s in the world.


4. Network – In the span of 60 minutes you can efficiently forge five or more relationships with other bankers that can help you in any number of ways. Our conference is designed to maximize interaction in order to make the most use of your time so you can get in touch with old friends and establish new connections. Find out what these connections are doing to keep you up to date and to give you ideas for your bank.


3. It is going to be fun – You will be warm – that sounds pretty good right now


2. Your family will love it – bikes, ocean, pool, spa, a great fitness facility, miles of open beach and some great food are all in store.


1. A new way to look at information – our speaker’s research, methodologies and insight on things like how to drive loan balances, customer profitability, how to get the most out of your investment portfolio, how to position your bank now to reduce your asset-liability risk, strategy and pricing are all topics that are timely and will give your bank a competitive edge. 


We have a limited number of spots and will sell out in the next couple months. We can promise you that your investment will return many times the cost of this conference in time savings and money making ideas that you can immediately take back to your bank to implement.


 To register please contact Dana Townsend at 770.850.3421 or via email at .

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