Community Bank Strong - Hurricane Response Video

Community Bank Disaster Response

Within the last two months, several parts of our country have endured devastating natural disasters.  From Hurricane Harvey’s initial impact in Texas to the dangerous wildfires wreaking havoc in the Pacific Northwest and northern California, our communities have faced many unexpected challenges.  In light of these difficult experiences, we are reminded time and again of the resolve and character of our people within these communities, and specifically within our banking community.


Earlier this week at their Annual Convention in Chicago, the American Bankers Association (ABA) shared a video highlighting the contribution that banks, from near and far, made within the communities impacted by Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma.  Although there is no way to capture all of the stories of assistance provided, the video emphasizes the positive impact that the banking industry has on the communities we serve and the people who count on us, in both good and challenging times.  Watch the ABA video here



CenterState Bank is proud to have participated in the piece, but more importantly, we are proud of our employees throughout the state of Florida and our fellow community bank peers who assisted those impacted by the storms in their respective markets.  Our industry proved once again that we can go well beyond balance sheets and bottom lines in measuring the value of our organizations.