The Client Experience With Peapack-Gladstone Bank [Podcast]

The Bank Customer Experience

Go to Peapack-Gladstone Bank’s (PGB) website and you see something that you find at very few banks. Actually, it is what you don’t find. You don’t find a page full of products. Instead you find information about the bank, what they think and about their philosophy. Their products are under the heading “How We Can Help” where they talk about “Solutions” instead of products. Throughout the site you find a bank trying to make an emotional connection with their client. Their approach has (and continues) to impress us which is why they are one of the banks that we closely follow and learn from.


In fact, what they pull off around the client experience is in the realm that very few banks achieve. For further insight, we interviewed Larry Levine, their Director of Client Experience and present the information in the attached podcast.


Lessons Learned


We talk about their creation of the “Voice of the Client Committee” and why that makes a difference. We learn how and why they use the Net Promoter Score to quantify their success and explore the secrets of how they have increased their score year over year by 15%, in addition to ranking far ahead of their large bank competitors. 


We also get to better understand how they have successfully increased adoption in bill pay, online/mobile banking and electronic statements. Larry takes us on a journey of how the bank’s fervent support of their employee ends up making a huge difference in their culture. Larry teaches us about their “PACE” program and discusses how they put into practice their five core principles.


In the podcast, we also gain more insight into how one bank thinks about their brand from the client point of view. How PGB resolves problems, their level of standardization and their level of training.


The Future


Not just satisfied with a fanatical client experience process, the bank heavily invests in technology to make sure they can keep that lead for the future. In the interview, we learn the details of the onboarding process they are developing, and why that is so important; and get a first glimpse of their “Bank Anywhere” strategy which makes significant use of electronic signatures, imaged document management and ways to speed up problem resolution.


Putting This Into Action


If you are not signed up for the podcast you can go to iTunes and subscribe so you can listen on your phone during your commute or workout. Alternatively, you can click below.  Peapack-Gladstone Bank is a rare bank that takes the client experience seriously and it is paying off in high satisfaction levels, referrals and above average growth.


Take a listen and see if you can pick up several ideas to take back to your bank. Also, let us know what you think. 



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