Banks – We Bore Our Customers

Make Bank Products Exciting

When it comes to describing banking or banking products, the problem is that most bankers think like a banker. Just take a look at any bank’s website or marketing materials and you will see what we mean. If you do, you will find that most banks fail to describe their accounts and when they do, it is a list of attributes such as “Free checks” and “Online Statements.” What is missing in the marketplace is a description of banking products and services that reach our customer’s emotions and imagination.


How Exciting Can Bank Products Be?


Checking, savings, loan, treasury management products and a host of other services are at the very core of every business and household’s operations.  The products are exciting but banks rarely present them as such. If we are not excited about our products how can we expect our customers to be?


How Most Banks Do It


This isn’t a review of website design, but we will use bank's websites as examples. Unfortunately, bank websites are among the most exciting and dynamic marketing that banks have. Printed materials are usually worst.  In either case, banks need to strive to present their information not only in clean and clear format but speak to the customer AND show some personality.


The average bank does little to position their loan or deposit products other than listing the title of the product and maybe give 3 to 5 bullet points on product attributes. The rare bank that does offer a description says something like “A basic checking account with great standard features.”


How Wells Fargo Does It


When it comes to clarity and effectiveness, Wells Fargo promotes their checking fine. They give summary details up top and then the opportunity to expand for more details. Their wording is clean but lacks a connection with the customer.  


Wells Fargo Product Desciption


How Bank of America Does It


Bank of America not only provides a clean comparison like Wells but adds two important elements – it speaks from the customer’s point of view and makes sure you know why to choose Bank of America. 


Putting A Better Way Into Action


Both Wells Fargo and Bank of America display their products better than most banks - but community banks can do better.


This is going to be hard for many bankers to comprehend because they are not wired this way, but we need to make bank products come alive. It is done every day with products such as jeans, hand soap, cars and even the most common of all products, water. If these products can do it, we can do it as well.


Below are just some ideas that might help your team brainstorm. Granted, they are not for every bank, but only for those banks that want to show personality and differentiate themselves from the pack.




To pull this off, it starts with a word – Imagine. Explain to your potential customer what using this bank product will do.


There is always that person in your family or social circle that has their financial act together. We looked up to Mom and Dad for that very reason as they had control of their finances. The Alpha Account is that tool to help you maintain stability, safety and security.


Tell A Story


You never fail when you tell a story and suck the potential customer into your narrative. A story puts color behind a cold banking product and brings it to life.

Jane Armstrong was at wits end trying to transfer money between different banks keeping the family business and household going. That is until she discovered the Alpha Checking account that brought multiple businesses and checking under one roof giving her complete control.


Social Proof


If there is one tactic that almost always succeeds is providing social proof. Most potential customers research your bank and products online, and providing validation is the best way to move them to a sale. Simple, the online bank front end, does this better than anyone and it pays off.


Simple Bank


Make Them Curious


Don’t try to describe every detail of the account, but give them one or two good sentences to let them know that you are not the bank next door, and then let them imagine the rest.


Every titan of industry started their career path with a basic checking account. Our Alpha Account is designed to give you all the tools you need to manage your finances with a cost that even Warren Buffet would love – free. See how the Alpha Account can help change your financial trajectory.


Get Creative And Experiment


There are thousands of industries that already paint a rich context for their products – why not banking? As you design your next product or your next marketing campaign, consider a more robust picture of your product and service from your customer’s eyes. Show passion in your products and most likely you will attract customers that will be equally passionate.