Are You Running Up To Your Banking Customer?

Exceptional Customer Service - Picture of a car repair shop

Les Schwab Tires is still going strong but back in the day it made a name for itself with a signature move - Whenever a prospective customer would pull in the driveway, a member of the staff would run up to the car with a big smile on their face. The energy often startled the driver who wanted to know what was going on. The employee would then explain how important the customer was and that running to the car was just one of the many ways the Company shows their dedication to service.


It was largely because of this dedication to service that Les Schwab turned a money-losing auto repair business that he bought for $11,000 into one of the most successful tire chains in the United States. He truly loved his employees offering them training at every turn but required everyone in the organization, from the managers to the bookkeeper, to know how to change a tire and do it to the standard he set.


In exchange for the employee’s dedication, he would pay out 50% of the profits each year to the employees. Les Schwab was loved by his employees and customers alike, and it still shows today. Just look at a very recent Yelp review below. It is rare that you ever see anything less than a five-star review and hundreds of reviews read like the one below. 


Yelp Review


This dedication to employees and customers shows up in the Company’s pledge that is posted all over the place. Its three main precepts could be the success formula to any bank. We have reprinted them below for reference as it is a simple, yet powerful set of statements.


If you are looking for a company field trip, take your employees to a Les Schwab. Maybe even buy your employees a tire change. While you are there, ask yourself - How can your bank duplicate the level of service that Les Schwab employees show? How can you build a team that constantly finds new ways to “run to the car”? 


Les Schwab Vision Statement

Les Schwab Vision Statement