5 Reasons To Come To Our Bank Management Conference

Bank Management Conference

If you have not already, you should make plans to attend our 2019 Bank Management Conference which is coming up quickly on July 11 – 13, 2019. Hosted at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida, this is our flagship conference that gives banks the opportunity to meet our team, hear new ideas and to exchange thoughts with some of the best bankers in our industry.


In case we didn’t have you at Amelia Island, let us give you five of our best reasons to attend:


5. Due diligence – You get to meet our team in person and see what we are all about. Since banking is all about people, we subsidize this conference to make it cost effective for you to look us in the eye, break bread with us and see if we are a partner that you want to do business with.  This is just good risk management – forget the fact that it just happens to be on the beach at one of the best hotels in the world.


4. Roundtable sessions – We have eight roundtable sessions designed for you to not only learn from some of the best in our industry but to also hear what other banks are doing and learn from them. Topics, include effective deposit gathering, M&A, using LinkedIn to build your brand, strategic planning, loan hedging, digital banking, bank website design for performance, sales management and much more.


3. Your family will love it – Family is one of our core values so we encourage you to bring them. We have been doing this for a while and get huge satisfaction from getting to know a banker’s family and watching them grow up. Bikes, ocean, pool, spa, a great fitness facility, miles of open beach, golf, tennis and some great food are all in store.


2. Collaboration – We have some difficult problems to solve in our industry. We need your help, point of view and energy to come up with the most effective solutions. In the span of 60 minutes you can efficiently forge five or more relationships with other bankers that can help you in any number of ways. Our conference is designed to maximize interaction in order to make the most use of your time. You can get in touch with old friends, establish new connections and lay the groundwork to collaborate in the future.


1. Actionable intelligence and a new way to look at information – Our topics include thoughts on preparing for the next recession; our prediction on yields, cost of funds and risk; the future of digital banking; building a bank culture of fun and productivity; asset-liability trends; CECL management; and a talk with Rorke Denver, former US Navy SEAL Commander. As a business consultant, author, actor, trainer and a seasoned warrior, CDR Rorke will train us on how to be stronger, more authentic and more purposeful in our actions. These topics are designed to not only give your bank a competitive edge but give YOU a competitive edge.


We have a limited number of spots and will sell out in less than a month. We can promise you that your investment will return many times the cost of this conference in time savings and money making ideas that you can immediately take back to your bank to implement.


To register or for more information, go here HERE.


Alternatively, feel free to contact Dana Burdett at 770.850.3421 or via email at dburdett@centerstatebank.com.


Don’t miss out,  register today. We hope to see you there.