The 2018 Banker’s Gift Guide For You And Your Clients

Holiday Gift Guide

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us we can turn our attention to the holidays. That means our annual gift guide for bankers. We do this as we not only have a good time putting this together, but it is one of the pieces of content that we produce that drives heavy traffic. At this time, everyone is looking for gift ideas and these are our best ideas all tested (except for the floating cockroach). We also highlight this gift guide not only for your use but for your bank to use with your customers. If you are still looking a gift horse in the mouth, read on as we have some evidence to support our claim.


Banker's Gift Guide


The Data Behind Gift Guides


Don’t take our word for it, consider the multiple other outlets that will produce a gift guide this year. While some do so to generate profit through sales (we don’t), most publications do it because it is a consistent traffic generator not to mention a crowd pleaser. Across the internet, gift guides are opened approximately 45% of the time. We are closer to 38%, but that is still significantly above our 19% normal level. Inc. magazine, for example, does a gift guide every year and it ranks in the top six sources of traffic.


Putting This Into Action


It is hard to tickle the cockles of a banker’s heart with a holiday gift mostly because most bankers don’t know where the cockles of their heart are. That doesn’t matter because what does matter is that with about 20 minutes worth of work you can take our template attached below and customize it with your logo and ideas. You can even provide our template to your commercial customers so they can use it for their customers. Wow – that meta. It is the gift guide that can keep on giving.


Since bankers are harder to buy for than Kim Kardashian on Mother’s Day, we have painstakingly put together our best ideas that cover a diverse range of prices and lifestyles (although we skew towards tech, clothing, and food).


As we pointed out in the past, the next month is a horrible time to do any marketing. That said, this gift guide will not only inspire you to get in the holiday spirit but will help your bank successfully buck the traditional “no bank advertising” syndrome for the last two months of the year.


Here is our 2018 Banker’s Gift Guide in pdf form HERE.


If you want more information on how to easily reproduce this for your clients, just contact us, and we can get your marketing group a template or help put your logo and other customized gifts into the format. The Gift Guide is excellent for also generating social media traffic, and if you use on your website in a slideshow format, you can dramatically increase your page views, time on page and clicks – all of which helps search engine optimization.


Hopefully, you will have the happiest and healthiest of holidays and take joy in being together with the family.


While we will keep writing through the end of the year, before we start to lose people, on behalf of everyone here at CenterState Bank, we want to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and a very Merry Christmas.