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CenterState’s “National-to-Local” loan program has been in a response to demand from community banks for high credit quality loans, providing the opportunity for community banks to meet their loan growth objectives and diversify their risk.


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You approve the program, you approve the loans


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Loans in this Program are competitively priced but are designed to produce a risk-adjusted return above your cost of capital. Click Learn More to understand the target pricing and the risk/reward profile.


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CenterState’s National-to-Local SBA 504 Program has standardized underwriting criteria that should fit most banks and is conservative by design.


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As with any lending product, these loans come with risk. The Program is designed to proactively select credits that have the best risk/return profile in the market. However, risks exist.


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If you think this Program can help your bank reach its goals, complete the registration form below and we will contact you shortly to help you find out what you want need to approve, if anything, to start seeing your first loan.

Next Steps

Once ready to go, we will then provide you with a “Pre-Flight” or loan summary and then ask that you render a decision within three days. Once the Pre-Flight is approved, we will take approximately a week to produce the credit memo. Once that is delivered, along with all supporting documents, we ask for your decision within 5 business days.



Once registered, you will receive:

  • Sample Pre-flight credit analysis template
  • Sample underwriting package
  • Detailed underwriting and pricing criteria



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