Capital Markets


CenterState Bank’s Capital Markets Department provides community financial institutions with access to the same balance sheet and portfolio management expertise employed by larger institutions.


Our suite of investment services includes Investment Portfolio Management, Asset/Liability Reporting and Consulting, Bond Accounting and Safekeeping, Federal Funds Programs, Brokered Certificates of Deposit, and International Services.


Capital Markets provides the following competitive advantages to our customers:

  • We have over 45 dedicated professionals who have the longevity, expertise and ingenuity to provide the highest level of service, backed by systems and technology unsurpassed by any other investment provider.
  • We can assist you in managing your day-to-day balance sheet needs efficiently and competitively.
  • We employ seasoned salespeople who know banking, not just investment portfolio management, and work diligently to understand your bank’s strategy, matching the perfect funding or investment products with your unique needs.
  • Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, we do not position large amounts of inventory. We believe you should invest in specific securities that meet your individual bank’s needs and therefore, we do not employ a “bond of the day” approach to investing.
  • Through our Insight Capital Markets platform, we offer our customers the ability to retrieve documents through a fast and secure on-line web portal (Includes: confirmations, notifications, bond accounting reports, custody activity and pledging information).


  • Understanding that our customers often wear many hats, CenterState Bank's Bond Accounting staff strives to understand your specific needs and meet them consistently each month
  • Our brokered deposit and structured funding products help us design a liability structure that enhances earnings and mitigates interest rate risk
  • Our Chief Investment Officer and Head of Wealth Management, Joseph T. Keating, is a resource to our customer base. Since 1980, and continuing today, he published commentary assessing economic and financial market trends in a quarterly Economic Outlook and a monthly Investment Strategy Statement.
  • We have on staff a Director of Research and Strategy who is dedicated to providing a more structured approach in assisting with bond portfolios.
  • We created our Bond School to help community bankers and their boards with a variety of bond related issues, including how to establish a culture for strategic management of a bond portfolio, how to address the demands of regulators, structure issues in the balance sheet, and profitability.