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Bank Expenditure Operational Risk

Payment and expenditure authority risk

Operational risk gets the short shrift in banking. Credit and interest rate risk are the big men and woman on campus (just to throw in a back to school metaphor) while operational risk is usually relegated to the shallow end of the pool. That is unfortunate because operational risk is real and often realized more than both credit and interest rate risk. Take payment risk for example.


How a Simple Gift Can Make a Difference in Customer Satisfaction

It is likely your bank gives away plenty of gifts. For example, you likely have branded pens in your branch for the taking or have a bowl of candy. While nice, that does very little to help customer satisfaction. However, if you take that same gift and present it a different way, it can make a difference. In this post, we explore that art of bank gift giving and at the risk of sounding too Machiavellian will discuss how you can make that gift more meaningful.


The Academic Research

The Future of Lock Box and How Banks Can Maximize Value

Bank Treasury Management Lock Box

It was in the 1930’s when in an attempt to stimulate lending to help post-depression economic growth, the U.S. government gave certain banks access to U.S. post office boxes so that they could collect their due loan repayments. Banks would enter their local post office after hours with their keys, open their PO box, grab the mail that was set to be delivered the next day, deposit the receipts and deliver the remittance document.

Should Your Bank Go To Cuba?

Bank Strategy in Cuba

Ahh, the gentle breeze of Havana – the music, the people, the cigars, the mojitos and the embargo. Given the thawing relations and the new rules announced by the Obama administration, banking and financial transactions are now loosening….somewhat. While the lifting of the embargo will take an act of Congress and is not expected to be reviewed until next year, American companies are already in motion in preparation.

Your Commercial Lenders Should Be Using These Tactics

Commercial Loan Hedging

Commercial banks grew loan balances by 2.11% in the second quarter of this year compared to the first. This growth belies that some banks increased their commercial loan portfolios more than the industry average and other banks experienced shrinking loan volumes. While the industry is experiencing much needed total growth, that growth is not evenly distributed among banks.

The 10 Things Banks Must Know About 2Q 2016 Performance [Presentation]

Second Quarter (2Q) Bank Bank Performance

Unlike Phelps, Biles and Bolt, the second quarter of 2016 was no GOAT. In fact, it was completely average. While that doesn’t sound too enticing to motivate you to read on, there are some trends that you should know about and in this post, we break down current industry trends and give you a complete board-ready presentation at the bottom that you can share to make your team smarter (and save you time).

Cupping Our Way To Better Banking Performance

Bank Strategy

When you observe Michael Phelps getting out of the pool with those multiple cupping welts, take note – that is what the banking industry needs. We need to do some cupping – around loans, around deposits, around fee income and especially around products. There is no doubt you have cupped yourself, been cupped or at least asked – what is cupping? No matter what your question, it doesn’t matter, because cupping isn’t a real thing, at least in the proven scientific sense.

10 Measures Of Bank Customer Service

Measuring Bank Customer Service

While we have spoken about why and how to measure customer satisfaction (HERE), lately we have received several questions on how best to measure customer service. The two dimensions, while related, are obviously different, and it is important for your bank to determine which is more important and which you want to measure. Banks will always say they are about service, but few measure their quality, and fewer banks manage to benchmarks.

Here Is A Proven Sales Script For Bank Commercial Lenders

Commercial Loan Sales

In a previous blog (HERE), we discussed the benefits of sales scripting for commercial lenders.  A sales script is a way for the commercial lender to explain the bank’s sales proposition, and anticipate the borrower’s responses.  It also helps the lender direct the flow of the conversation and most importantly it allows the lender to better listen to the borrower - be


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